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Why should you use Print Guy? Because I like helping……


I founded Print Guy in November 2000 after the business I worked for closed.

I vowed then never to work for anyone ever again – I had to say that, as I think I made a rubbish employee!

You see my Dad, Alf Green, was a printer, and he found me my first job in the ‘print’ when I was 16 – printing is in my blood. My dad Alf was a silk screen printer. Silk isn’t used any more so it is now called Screen Process Printing – you would be amazed at the number of everyday items that are screen printed – But that’s a topic for another time.


Alf and his mate Harry ran a hugely successful printing company for many years after the war – they printed cinema posters and other big things like the posters that go on the side of buses, 48 sheet posters (which are the large roadside posters) – one sheet is an old imperial paper size 15x 20 inches – so a 48 sheet works out to be 10 x 20 feet quite big. There are many long forgotten paper sizes, like Royal and Double Elephant.

Alf and Harry were very skilled craftsmen and their company, A & H Print Processes, won many awards.

Printers from all over the world visited their factory in East London and asked for technical help – they perfected the production of Letraset – who remembers that now? It is a rub-on transfer for lettering & graphics – it is still made – http://www.letraset.com.

I have no idea who would buy it now, except it is quite fun to use.

They also made the production of scratch cards possible, and worked out how to print the numbers on bingo balls, but again, stories for another time. Really I should be sipping rum punches in the Caribbean counting the money my dad left me – but he gave the advice freely for no monetary gain – Alf & Harry liked helping, they loved their job.


That is a lesson I have remembered – I have learnt a lot about printing in the 42 years that I have been in business and not just about archaic paper sizes.

I know that I can save my customers money, or at least make their budget go further by understanding what they are trying to achieve and adapting their print accordingly.
Printing and helping are in my blood.

I am sitting here waiting to help you too – so give me a call on my mobile – 07768 291728.

All my advice is free, you will have to pay for the print though!


P.S. – If you do remember Letraset, please hit reply and let me know any memories or stories

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