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By chris / a couple of years ago

Print Is Not Dead


In a digital world is there still a place for print…


Does new digital technology, social media and email signal the death of traditional marketing?


I don’t think so.


All over the country marketing departments are struggling to cut through all the digital noise and get heard. They are missing out by not using print and direct mail as one of their marketing pillars.


Digital sales letter that remain unopened, eNewsletters that never get clicked and email campaigns that disappear with the tap of a mouse. It is becoming harder and harder to stand out and attract attention.


This is where producing hard versions can give you a huge advantage. Quality marketing can cut through that noise and grab attention.


Print is tangible – it is something real that people can feel, touch and even smell giving it added value.


Print has a longer shelf life – when online, how often do you see things that are interesting and think, “I’ll read that later” but never do? These items can then live on people’s desks for a long duration far outliving a quickly deleted email.


Print can grab attention – different papers, sizes and finishes give opportunities to create something unique that is on brand but also showcases your businesses personality.


Print holds attention – compared to online content, it holds readers that critical bit longer.


I am not saying ditch the online stuff, just embrace all options to support your online marketing efforts and add quality to your brand.


Your campaign will need more thought but be creative with it and it can work wonders in producing that ‘wow’ factor for your customers and prospects – build your reputation and make more sales.


If you need any assistance with your marketing give us a try. We would love to help…


Have a good week.


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