Print, Paper & The Environment…

By chris / a couple of years ago

Print, Paper & The Environment…


Print & Paper is still loved,  but environmental misunderstandings continue…


Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products but unfortunately, there are still popular misconceptions that the production and consumption of paper is detrimental to European forests, but in fact, it’s quite the contrary. Over the past ten years, European forests have grown by an area larger than Switzerland—that’s more than 1,500 football pitches every day!


Research shows that we actually have more forests than we did in 1900, which means our use of paper has not affected them. In fact, one major threat to forests is having no use for trees. In these cases, farmers are often forced to clear the land without replanting trees.


Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of people which is good news giving us the freedom to print flyers, business cards and other printed materials to further your business, while at the same time helping local farmers.


Some interesting sustainability facts about the Print and Paper industry are:

  • Europe recycles 72{9b7bf1bcdb96d5492992c4705787e67739fd4f53873264e03ef40ae55281a2b7} of its paper
  • 85{9b7bf1bcdb96d5492992c4705787e67739fd4f53873264e03ef40ae55281a2b7} of the wood used used by the European pulp and paper industry comes from European forests
  • Between 2005 and 2013, the CO2 emissions of the European pulp and paper industry were reduced by 22{9b7bf1bcdb96d5492992c4705787e67739fd4f53873264e03ef40ae55281a2b7}
  • 2 tonnes of paper are recycled in Europe every second


As the world of communication continually shifts towards digital, many consumers are being given the impression that this is better for the environment. Many companies are now increasingly driving communications online. Whilst a key driver for this is cost reduction, often environmental benefits are cited, or overstated, as the main reason for change.


We’ve been told so often NOT to print things out that many of us now feel guilty whenever we print items. Armed with this knowledge we can feel good again about using the paper in our printers and creating traditional direct mail marketing campaign that we know works for our businesses and that’s also cost-effective. No more guilt about misusing trees to get ahead in business. Your marketing kit can now look and feel spectacular with high-quality marketing products from your Print


– The Print Guy Team

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