Pop Up & Go – Why you need Roller Banners in your Business

By chris / a couple of years ago

Have something to say? Say it with a banner!

Getting yourself a pitch at a conference, exhibition or trade show is always a balance between risk and reward but the results can be great if your spot stands out over the competition. Roller Banners can be a great way to make that happen with their ability to promote your brand and get peoples eyes on you and your business. Here’s a quick few reasons on how they can benefit you.



They will fit perfectly into your car and are easy to carry by hand through a busy show as well as being compact and light which is perfect for transporting them. This makes it really easy to take them with you wherever you want to go no matter how many times you have to. The base and the bag provide ample protection while being transported as well meaning the print will stay in a professional condition for a very long time.



Another benefit of a Roller Banner is its longevity. Unlike a adverts, flyers or digital marketing that can tend to have a short shelf life, a banner can be used over and over again. As long as your message is right and does not have a date or time on it, you can use the same one over and over again, getting great value for money making it a relatively cheap platform. It is often worth investing in a branded generic pop up stand that promotes who you are and also shows your website and other contact details. This type of stand can then be used for as long as you want.


Easy to store

Roller Banners are also very easy to store and won’t take up much space at your office or place of work. The banner itself will fold away into the base and the telescopic pole used to support the banner collapses and folds away easily.


Easy to assemble

Roller Banners are extremely easy to assemble. As the name suggests, you just roll them out and you are ready to go. Roller Banners work using a retractable system where you pull your banner from the base and slot a telescopic pole into place and boom, you’re ready to go. The flat base and pole help provide a sturdy, no swing support to the banner stand.



Roller Banners are also extremely durable. The printed vinyl used to print on is extremely durable and designed to last. The base of a pop up stand is also very strong and provides additional support to the whole stand. The frames of most pop up stands are some form of aluminium meaning it is both light for transportation and strong and sturdy when on display.



Roller banners are not only inexpensive but allow for great detailed personalisation. Logo’s, graphics, visuals, special offers, promotions and product features are all possible to represent as well as combine on roller banners. With a mix of creative design templates and the right amount of content, roller banners can deliver the intended message sufficiently without demanding too much time of the intended audience.


Stand Out

At events, it’s all well having a whole host of marketing materials such as flyers and brochures available, but people need to see something more powerful and eye catching to truly capture their attention. Roller banners provide the dominating presence (due to their size and scope) needed to provide people with an overview of the business before finding out in-depth what the business does through other marketing materials.


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