Print, Paper & The Environment…

Print, Paper & The Environment…   Print & Paper is still loved,  but environmental misunderstandings continue…   Paper is one of the few truly sustainable products but unfortunately, there are still popular misconceptions that the production and consumption of paper is detrimental to European forests, but in fact, it’s quite the contrary. Over the past […]

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We are Print Guy

Hello to you all…   We are Print Guy.   We design, print and mail.   We help make our customer’s working lives easier, more efficient & therefore more productive.   Businesses of all shapes and sizes, just like yours, buy their printed material from Print Guy.   They can even get it designed and distributed, […]

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Printing Pillars

Print Is Not Dead   In a digital world is there still a place for print…   Does new digital technology, social media and email signal the death of traditional marketing?   I don’t think so.   All over the country marketing departments are struggling to cut through all the digital noise and get heard. […]

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