How To Create A Kick Ass Envelope That Gets Ripped Apart!

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What this means is your envelope choice and design can’t be just an afterthought or a necessary evil to get your letter delivered.

Will your mail make it past the doorstep dump?

Imagine the postman has just arrived at your customer’s address. He pops a pile of mail through the letterbox leaving your recipient to sort through the heap. But what happens next? Obvious junk mail risks being instantly discarded. Bills, letters from the bank and other official looking stuff, will probably get opened along with anything else that looks intriguing, or is from someone you know.

Which category will your direct mail fall into?

If you want your direct mail to stand a serious chance of getting opened, it can’t be perceived as junk mail. Instead you want it to be categorised as intriguing enough to open – and that’s how your envelope choice can help.

There are four main types that are conventionally used…

  • Polybags

Think magazine subscriptions. The latest edition arrives wrapped in plastic with a cover sheet containing your address and other relevant text and images. These are relatively cheap to produce. They keep the rain off and allow what’s enclosed to be clearly visible to your recipient.

  • White Envelopes

Whilst these don’t instantly scream direct mail, they do look pretty boring and are liable to blend in with everything else. In addition, the quality of the envelope will be important here.

  • Coloured Envelopes

As well as standing out on your recipient’s doormat, these also have a fun, personal feel (think birthday cards). Couple this with handwritten names and addresses, and you’ll massively increase the chance of your item making an impact and getting opened. What’s more, while priced higher than a standard white version, they’re not as expensive as you may think.

  • Bespoke Printed Envelopes

Envelopes don’t have to be plain and boring, instead make a HUGE visual impact with customised, full colour design, just like our fab Kapow Personalised envelopes (pictured below.) Prices for a standard bespoke can be even cheaper than coloured alternatives.


Print Guys Printed Envelopes

Print Guys Own Printed Envelopes

How an Envelope can help build your brand?

Being able to stand out and show a hint of uniqueness from your competitors goes a long way in the current landscape. With people’s attention spans being a matter of seconds it’s important to realise you only have a few moments to gain their interest. You must take every possible opportunity to stand out.

The presentation of your mail is as important as the contents. An envelope with unique design features and custom dimensions is your first opportunity to leave a positive impression of your company. This makes sure it resonates in their thoughts. A plain version is asking to be forgotten. A branded one however has the chance to make the recipient feel more familiar with your brand.

Four areas to focus on when coming up with your design.

Personalisation – You can also personalise an envelope for each customer or customer type. This depends on what products or printed content you’re sending out to them. Having different envelope styles and sizes for different types of content can also bring a personal touch that represents your business.

Design – The way in which you design any of your branded and marketing materials should clearly represent what your business is about in a professional way. Creating a design that doesn’t reflect what your business is about can confuse your target market. Depending on the design this can come across as cheap and unprofessional.

Logo – With every piece of marketing material you use to represent your business and provide customers with, your logo needs to be of good quality and positioned in the appropriate place, depending on what the marketing material is. Beware a pixilated logo which can give off a cheap and rushed appearance to your marketing materials.

Information – Obviously the addressee’s details you’re sending the information to will either be on the envelope or visible through a window. Next consider what information should you provide from your business? Call to actions are a beneficial option to place on your envelopes. For example, you could put call your number or visit our website for more products or information. This would encourage customers and potential ones to look at your business and what you can offer them.


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