Get Clear On Your Objectives

Get Clear On Your Objectives

So we've established why starting a Newsletter is a good idea but now I'll go into the first of the three simple steps to get you creating content that works!

This first step is super important.

In order to wield the power of a printed newsletter you need to understand the Newsletter Code. In short your newsletter WILL NOT deliver the results you’d like if you turn it into just another sales tool.

This means all advertising and overt sales messages are OUT – and relationship building is in.

You see the value of a printed newsletter is that your customers don’t perceive it as advertising. Instead, get it right and customers view it as an informational publication that’s a worthwhile read.

And that’s where the magic happens.

You know yourself that if you read a sales letter or you’re listening to a pitch your guard instantly goes up. You instinctively want to protect yourself from being ripped off or persuaded to take a decision you’ll later regret. What’s more your BS detector goes on red alert and you naturally become cynical and wary. And as you can imagine it’s much harder getting through to people when they’re in this mode.

BUT this behaviour doesn’t happen with a printed newsletter (just like it doesn’t happen when you pick up your favourite glossy magazine). Instead, because you know no one is trying to sell to you, you can relax, let your guard down and allow yourself to be entertained and even educated with the content.

And it’s this different type of consumption that lays the foundations for the success of a printed newsletter. You see when your customer approaches your printed material in this way; you can have a totally different type of conversation.

And you can use this conversation to achieve much more than a sale. For example:

1.    Share “insider” tips and tricks that build and enhance your reputation

2.    Express your personality and give people information that allows them to build a relationship with you

3.    Showcase different sides of your business such as your staff, your vision and your successes

And there’s HUGE power in this.

That’s because, most business make a sale to get a customer. And whilst this approach works for your short-term cash flow, it does nothing to build a long lasting relationship with a customer.

In comparison, if you make a customer first by focusing on creating a strong relationship – you can create loyalty, rapport and a bond that far outlasts the initial cash transaction.

Pretty cool hey?

So let’s go back to thinking about your objectives…

If you want to make a quick buck, a printed newsletter is definitely not the right format for you. It simply won’t work.

But is you are willing to perceive it as a longer-term relationship building tool that you won’t necessarily be able to directly attribute sales to, it’s has the potential to supercharge your business.

So what do you think?

Are you willing to take a long-term view on this and commit to a monthly publication that’s going to deliver in the longer term (and I’m talking 6 – 12 months)?

If so, a printed newsletter is well worth the effort.

Print Guy's Newsletter - KAPOW!

Print Guy's Own Newsletter 'KAPOW!'

Time for a think…

What’s your printed newsletter going to do? Here are some examples:

  • A restaurant would like to encourage regulars to attend more frequently AND entice referrals
  • A marketer may want to build credibility and his reputation amongst his existing customer base
  • A nursery may want to build a feeling of community amongst its staff, parents and children

What about yours? Think about…

1.    Why are you starting a printed newsletter?

2.    What do you want it to achieve for your business?

Then we can move on to explore your newsletter’s format…

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