Decide On Your Format

Decide On Your Format

So you've thought about the content but now you need to decide how best to display it. 

The format of your newsletter involves thinking about the type of content you’re going to create. For sure your content will evolve over time as you figure out what works and what doesn’t. Anyway, your business will evolve and grow too and you’ll want your newsletter to reflect that.

But right now, it will help you HUGELY if you know in advance, each month what you need to create.

So let’s give you some ideas for that right now…

How big?

"If time is a concern and you’re not the fastest writer in the world, it’s worth starting with a 4-sided, A4 newsletter. You can always increase its length in time, but at the beginning you’ll find creating content for something of this length is more manageable."

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In addition, it will also reduce your overall design, print and mailing costs.

The Original Print Guy Newsletters - KAPOW!

What’s inside?

The next step is to decide some sort of regular format.

It’s a great time saver because you don’t have to reinvent your newsletter every month. In addition, it’s an industry convention that works. Just take a look at any magazine and you’ll notice it has a distinct tone – and regular readers can quickly navigate their way through because they know (and like) the type of content it contains.

So what should be inside yours?

Here’s a suggested outline (feel free to tweak and amend) presented to help you get started…



Front Cover

  • Your Masthead
  • Your Lead Article (Super-Important!)
  • A Table of Contents

Page One

  • Either one long article (around 500 words) OR
  • Two short articles (around 250 words each)

Page Two

  • Either one long article (around 500 words) OR
  • Two short articles (around 250 words each)

Back Cover

  • Contact Details
  • Your Call to Action


  • In addition you’ll want to identify some fillers such as quotes, testimonials, cartoons with captions etc. to fill in the gaps and to add variety & interest.

Below I've popped a simple Newsletter Planning Template to help you formulate your ideas. Just click the wording to download.

And when you break it down like that, it suddenly doesn’t seem quite so daunting right?

But of course that’s not the end of the content creation journey. Next you want to figure out what those articles need to be about – and that’s coming next time.

Have a great Easter weekend...

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